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We Say "No"
to Shock, Prong, Choke, Pain,Force & Fear!

Providing Orlando and Miami's dog-loving community with a revolutionary approach towards In-Home Dog training and pet care.  We have created a positive, Reward-based training experience that teaches your new puppy or dog how to make great choices and rewards them when they do.  When dogs are consistently rewarded for making the right choice, they repeat those behaviors.  We reinforce the good stuff and correct unwanted behaviors...all without fear or force.  Our programs enable you and your pup to continue learning while they socialize, exercise and have fun every step of the way.


We know you love your dog.  And if you prefer obedience through rewards and love instead of through fear or force, than The Bark Stop is the right choice for you and your PUP.  If you say no to pain, fear and force, then say YES to Reward-based training and click the button below.

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The Bark Stop is dedicated to providing you with an incredible experience, the highest level of customer service imaginable and the utmost care for your furry family.


If you love knowing that we can TRAIN your dog, provide a home to STAY while you’re away, and always make sure they have a place to learn and PLAY, then you’ve come to the right place.  We are passionate about helping people and their pets live their best lives and take Every Step With Love. 


If you want to know where all the pets go and why so many choose The Bark Stop, then click the button below!



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Dogs Love Us Because

We Love Dogs

There is nothing quite like the the unconditional love from a dog.  You can't force it and dogs never fake it! We gain their trust, earn their respect and capture their hearts.

Let us know how we can help your dog start living their best life by texting, calling or filling in our contact form.

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